Oscillons in the Early Universe


Oscillons are long-lived, oscillatory, spatially localized solutions that exist in a large class of real-valued, scalar field models with nonlinear interactions – a set of circumstances very likely to be found in the post-inflationary universe.

In recent work, Amin, Easther and Finkel demonstrated that it is feasible for the post-inflationary universe to have an oscillon-dominated phase, and numerically explored the properties of individual oscillons, showing that they conform to expectations derived via semi-analytic arguments.

While oscillon-like solutions have been known for a long time, our work is the first concrete example of a scenario in which inflation would be followed by an oscillon dominated phase. An oscillon dominated epoch is effectively matter dominated, and can have a variety of intriguing consequences for the post-inflationary universe, which are now being explored.

Further information and simulations are here and here.



  • 3D simulations and oscillon dynamics 1009.2505
  • Oscillon dominated phases in realistic models of inflation 1106.3335

Formation and evolution of oscillons in a representative scenario.
The universe grows by a factor of ~6 during the
course of the simulation, and represents a fixed comoving volume.