The cosmology group at the University of Auckland works on understanding the predictions of different models of the Big Bang and astrophysical models and testing them against observations. Current interests include:

  • The observational consequences of different models of the inflationary phase in the early universe
  • Nonlinear dynamics in the post-inflationary universe, gravitational waves and oscillons
  • Axion dark matter
  • Multiverse cosmology and fundamental physics

Principal Investigator:  Richard Easther Postdocs

  • Shaun Hotchkiss
  • Ben Shlaer

Research students

  • Lerh Feng
  • Emily Kendall
  • Nathan Musoke


  • Lillian Guo
  • Girish Narayanan

Alumni (from Auckland)

  • Layne Price
  • Grigor Aslanyan