• RTR+EM
    RTR+EM [Easther and Rosenfeld; extension of RTR to include electromagnetism]. Visualizes the effect of Lorentz transformations on electric fields.
  • InterpMC
    InterpMC [Bouland, Easther and Rosenfeld; patch to CosmoMC]. Uses caching and interpolation to speed up cosmological Monte Carlo Markov Chain analyses.
  • MPI-Defrost
    MPI-Defrost [Finkel; MPI extension of Defrost]. Extends Frolov’s Defrost code to an MPI cluster environment, and to a field with a sixth order Image: Oscillons generated in post-inflationary universe.
  • ModeCode - Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Inflation
    ModeCode [Mortonson, Peiris and Easther] Provides a numerical solution of the perturbation equations and resulting spectrum for an arbitrary single field inflationary potential. Interfaced with CAMB and CosmoMC, to implement Bayesian parameter estimation for inflation. Image: Constraints on spectral parameters for natural inflation, assuming instant reheating (red) and general reheating (grey).
  • PSpectRe
    [Easther, Finkel and Roth] A C++ pseudo-spectal code for evolving interacting scalar fields in the early universe. Image: Detail from PSpectRe simulation of post-inflationary universe.

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