Thursday, July 12

  • 4:00pm Registration Opens  – Location: Decima Glenn Room, Level 3, Owen G Glenn Building [12 Grafton Road]
  • 5:00pm Opening Reception  – Location: Decima Glenn Room
  • 6:30pm Public Lecture, Prof Mark Kruse, Duke University – Location: Fisher and Paykel Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building

Friday, July 13:  Engineering Building (Enter from 20 Symonds St)

Time Speaker Affiliation Title Slides
9:00AM Richard Easther U. of Auckland Opening Remarks: Cosmology and Particle Physics – Where We Are Now
9:20AM Ayana Arce Duke U. Recent ATLAS Results
10:05AM Nathaniel Bowden Lawrence Livermore Neutrinos
10:50AM Morning Tea
11:20AM Tracy Slatyer IAS Dark Matter in the Multiwavelength Sky  Slides
12:05PM Thomas Rizzo SLAC SUSY Without Prejudice at the LHC
12:50PM Lunch
2:00PM Nicole Bell Melbourne Dark matter: indirect detection and LHC searches  Slides
2:25PM David Wiltshire U of Canterbury Hubble Flow Variance and the Cosmic Rest Frame  Slides
2:50PM Pat Scott McGill Cosmology with ultracompact minihalos of dark matter  Slides
3:15PM Afternoon Tea
4:00PM Russell Neilson Chicago COUPP: Searching for Dark Matter with Bubble Chambers  Slides
4:25PM Paul Harrison Warwick Simplest Leptonic Mixing from S4  Slides


Saturday, July 14:  Engineering Building (Enter from 20 Symonds St)

Time Speaker Affiliation Title Slides
9:00AM Thomas Appelquist Yale Conformality and the Lattice
9:45AM Jay Wacker SLAC/Stanford TBA
10:30AM Morning Tea
11:00AM Mark Trodden U Penn Galileons and their close relatives: New Field theories for Particle Physics and Cosmology
11:45AM JoAnn Hewitt Stanford/SLAC Physics at the Intensity Frontier
12:30PM Lunch
2:00PM Wei-Ming Yao LBLN Search for a Standard Model Higgs at CDF
2:25PM Steve Nahn MIT CMS Higgs
2:50PM Michele Redi CERN Implications of a Light Higgs for Composite Models
3:15PM Afternoon Tea


Parallel Session A:

Time Speaker Affiliation Title Slides
4:00PM Probir Roy SAHA Four Lepton Flavor Violation at the LHC
4:20PM Matthias Danninger Stockholm Latest Results on Searches for Dark Matter at Icecube
4:40PM Nathaniel Bowden LLNL SCRAAM: A Short Baseline Reactor Experiment to Probe the Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly
5:00PM Russell Neilson Chicago Results from the EXO-200 double beta decay experiments
5:20PM Jackson Wu NCTS (Taiwan) Constraints on new scalars from the LHC 125 GeV Higgs signal
5:40PM Arnaud Pin Louvain Heavy flavor and vector boson associate production

Parallel Session B:

Time Speaker Affiliation Title Slides
4:00PM Fu-Guang Cao Massey Symmetry Breaking in the Parton Distribution Functions of the Nucleon
4:20PM Javier Rasero Valencia Electroweak Baryogenesis Window in Nonstandard Cosmologies
4:40PM L.C. Rohana Wijiwardhana Cincinnati Spectrum of a Walking Gauge Theory
5:00PM Mirian Tsulaia Auckland Conformal Aspects of Four Dimensional Superstring Compactifications
5:20PM Cheng-Yang Lee Canterbury Properties of ELKO dark matter


Sunday, July 15 Engineering Building (Enter from 20 Symonds St)

Time Speaker Affiliation Title Slides
9:00AM Jenni Adams U. of Canterbury Recent Results from Icecube
9:45AM Soo-Bong Kim Seoul National University TBA
10:30AM Morning Tea
11:00AM Manuel Calderon de la Barca UC Davis Results from relativistic heavy ion collisions. (How hot, dense, and viscous is the primordial soup?)
11:45AM Craig Group U. of Virgina / Fermilab Recent Results from The Tevatron
12:30PM Lunch
2:00PM Jodi Cooley SMU Results from CDMS II
2:25PM David Krofcheck Auckland Dijet Probes of Hot Nuclear Matter at the LHC
2:45PM Afternoon Tea