The cosmology group at the University of Auckland works on understanding the predictions of different models of the Big Bang and astrophysical models and testing them against observations. 

We are involved with the LISA mission and the Vera C Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time

Current research interests include:

  • The observational consequences of different models of the inflationary phase in the early universe
  • Nonlinear dynamics in the post-inflationary universe, gravitational waves and oscillons
  • Axion (ultra-light) dark matter
  • Gravitational wave physics
  • Multiverse cosmology and fundamental physics


Current Group Members

Prof. Richard Easther

Dr Peter Hayman

Dr Preeti Cowan

Dr Emily Kendall

Dr Mark Mueller

Yourong Frank Wang [PhD]

Russell Boey [PhD]

Leon Southey-Ray [MSc]

Angela Xue [MSc]

Efrem Carnate [MSc]

Bobby Song [Project]



Shaun Hotchkiss [Post-doc]

Mateja Gosenca [Post-doc]

Grigor Aslanyan [Post-doc]

Luna Zagorac [PhD]

Lerh Feng Low [PhD]

Nathan Musoke [PhD]

Layne Price [PhD]

Tim Koorey [MSc]

Lillian Guo [MSc]

Maxwell Finan-Jenkin [Project]

Sam Doak [Project]


Collaborators and Connections 

Eugene Lim / Kings 

Jens Niemeyer / Gottingen

Nikhil Padmanabhan / Yale

David Parkinson / KASI, Korea

Hiranya Peiris / Cambridge